Top nine coolest concept cars

Honda concept cars take ‘the power of dreams’ to the next level, and to prove it, we’ve got nine of the coolest, craziest creations in history, including a transforming roadster/pickup/coupe, an NSX Concept-GT and a car powered by compressed air!

2008 Honda FC Sport

A hydrogen-powered sports car with an interior modelled on the McLaren F1 car? Yes, please. Whereas most sports cars have two seats, this beauty has three, with the driver in the middle and a passenger on either side. Apparently, the original goal was to create the ultimate Honda sports car using existing fuel-cell technology. Looks like they succeeded. (Plus, it looks like Optimus Prime’s helmet, which is cool.)

NSX Concept-GT

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: an NSX Concept-GT hybrid race car – with a direct injection, turbocharged 2.0-litre inline four-cylinder petrol engine and 544 PS – that competed at the Suzuka Circuit in the 2014 Super GT Series. Unsurprisingly, the car won – twice.

1997 Honda J-VX

The J-VX was a true trendsetter. Not only was it the first hybrid sports concept car in history, it was also the first-ever Honda with an Integrated Motor Assist system. Never heard of it? Here’s how it works: By mounting an electric motor between the internal combustion engine and transmission, IMA results in reduced fuel consumption and emissions, improved power, enhanced torque, tighter traction, faster acceleration and better braking. Cool, right? Honda thought so, too. IMA has since been adopted for use in the Civic Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, Insight and CR-Z, to name just a few – and it all started with the J-VX.

2000 Honda Spocket

Is it a roadster? Is it a coupe? Is it a pickup truck? No, it’s the Spocket! Technically, this cool concept car isn’t so much a car as a Transformer – one that can switch between a roadster, a coupe and a pickup at the flip of a button. Crazy.

2001 Honda Dualnote

God, just look at it! It’s like an alternate-universe NSX: sweeping A-pillar, exotic cockpit – it’s all there. But the comparisons don’t stop there. Just like the NSX, the Dualnote features twin electric motors for added wallop (100bhp to be precise), in addition to a ferocious 3.5-litre V6 I-VTEC engine with four-wheel drive. And also like the NSX, we really, really want one.

2005 Honda WOW

And now, for something completely different: a car designed to fit the needs of both a driver and their dog. The WOW, or Wonderful Open-hearted Wagon (yes, really), features a low centre of gravity, easy-clean floors and “flexible ventilation” to better accommodate man’s best friend. But our favourite feature has got to be the centre walk-through, which, while the car is stationary, allows dogs to freely move about the vehicle. Genius! (We think.)

2017 Honda NeuV

It’s an electric autonomous car with an electric scooter built into the boot. It sells whatever energy it generates back to the grid. It features an AI assistant called HANA that adapts to the driver’s emotions. It operates as an autonomous ride-sharing vehicle when you’re not using it. It’s the future. It’s the NeuV – and it’s very, very exciting.

2009 Honda RA-X

This radical race car is an homage to 1960s motorsport competitions, when Honda used RA nomenclature for all of its F1 cars. It features a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and pretty much nails the ’60s spirit – and by that, we mean it’s absolutely, positively mental. Over 250mph? Really?

2010 Honda Air

It’s a 363kg, compressed-air-powered sports car inspired by a rollercoaster with an exterior made out of vegetable-based plastics. And if that’s not impressive enough, check this out: The Honda Air is also powered by something called “turbo vacuums” – each attached to a tank that can be replenished by a standard, thirty-quid air compressor. It’s breathtaking, literally.


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