Red Nose Day 2017

Friday 24th March saw yet another Red Nose Day fly by. Red Nose Ray is an annual attempt to turn laughter into donations that change people’s lives. Year on year we see extraordinary energy, generosity and ingenuity all over the UK and essentially it’s an excuse for us all to be silly children again…

The Service lads were now service ladies wearing their skirts and wigs – not fooling anyone… Cakes of all shapes and sizes were on sale, but didn’t last long thanks to the generosity/hungry bellies of Norton Way Staff and Customers.

Between the dealerships of Norton Way Group, a whopping total of £395 was raised contributing to the incredible £73 million that was raised all over the UK thanks to the help from Lenny Henry and his team putting on a night of star studded fun including appearances from the cast of Love Actually and a performance from Ed Sheeran.

Now it’s time for all of that hard earned cash that was donated to be put to work, transforming lives all over the UK and the world’s poorest communities.