The Benefits of Peugeot Blue HDi

The Current Situation

In light of revelations in the car industry over the past couple of years, diesel engines have been under increased scrutiny in relation to emissions controls, in particular NOx (Nitrogen Oxides).

If a human is exposed to excessive levels of NOx emissions it has been found to impact on respiration. It is worth noting that both petrol and diesel powered vehicles produce NOx

  • If you drive a car built before 2005, from 23 October 2017 you will have to pay as much as £21.50 per day to drive in Central London – £10 more than the owners of newer, cleaner cars.
  • The added cost of driving in the capital has been introduced by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as part of plans designed to significantly reduce pollution in the city.
  • The £10 emissions surcharge (dubbed the T-Charge) will be placed on the most polluting vehicles driving inside the congestion charging zone, and will apply to all cars with emissions standards below what's known as Euro 4. Source: Whatcar 17th Feb 2017

Due to the very low output of NOx emissions on Euro 6 diesel models, there are no plans to penalise these customers. Customers can benefit financially from diesel but are taking petrol by default and are spending more to run their cars than they should be.

As an example a customer buying a Euro 6 diesel 308 doing 12,000 miles per year would save over £900 over 3 years when compared to PureTech. Due to the intelligent filtration processes on PSA Euro 6 diesel engines, selected diesel PEUGEOT models emit fewer NOx than petrol derivatives aswell as lower CO2 and increased MPG.


BlueHDi is the name given to Peugeot’s latest generation of diesel engines. The result of a world-famous diesel heritage plus innovation and engineering excellence developed on the race track of Le Mans, BlueHDi complies with Euro 6 emission standards, to deliver exceptional fuel economy and CO₂ emissions alongside a driving experience rich in power and performance.

With BlueHDi, Peugeot’s SCR process is one of the most effective diesel emission control technology on the market:

The innovative location of the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) positioned upstream of the particle filter with additive is the only one which permits simultaneous:

  • Reduction of the NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) by up to 90%, through the use of AdBlue® solution.
  • 99.9% elimination of particles by number, through the use of the diesel particulate filter , for which PEUGEOT were the pioneers with FAP.
  • Optimisation of the emissions of CO₂ and fuel consumption (up to -4% compared to the EURO 5 engines).

BlueHDi Running Cost Benefits:

A number of consumers who previously bought diesels are now buying petrol over concerns with diesel. If your annual mileage exceeds 12,000 miles and they do a mix of urban and extra urban driving we would always recommend diesel due to the financial savings they represent for a customer.

Example: Peugeot 2008


1.2l PureTech 82hp S&S 5 Speed Manual

1.6l BlueHDI 100hp S&S 6 Speed Manual


Engine Size (l)




Max Torque (NM)




0-62mph (secs)




Max Speed (mph)




MPG* (combined)








Based on a 2008 SUV Allure with 16” wheels


  • Peugeot 2008 specified with BlueHDI offers real efficiency savings, with combined MPG 40% higher.
  • Versus PureTech fuel costs for 1 year amount to an annual saving of £308 based on 12k miles @ £5.34 per gallon for diesel and £5.29 for petrol (UK Average Jun‘17) Source: AA Fuel Price Report UK Average.
  • Over 3 years this would be £924! *MPG figures are laboratory figures and are purely for comparison purposes

Diesel Awards

The All-New PEUGEOT 3008 SUV was acclaimed as the overall ‘Car of the Year’ in the Diesel Car Top 50, with a second award being earned in its class as the ‘Best Medium SUV’. On behalf of the judging panel at Diesel Car, Editor Ian Robertson commented: “PEUGEOT has transformed the 3008 into a fully-fledged SUV and created a real winner in the process… its engines are refined and economical, while its suspension is ideally set up to smooth out British roads. It’s a winner in every respect and we are proud to declare it number one in this year’s Top 50 awards.”


  • BlueHDi engines comply with the latest, very strict Euro 6 emissions standard.
  • BlueHDi engines emit NOx levels that are so low that in some instances they undercut our already outstanding petrol engines.
  • BlueHDi engines are not to be subjected to a ban in UK cities or increased congestion charge this year, this broadly effects vehicles built prior to 2005
  • BlueHDi engines represent sizeable running cost savings for many UK motorists.
  • BlueHDi engines emit some of the lowest CO2 emissions in the car industry, 308 hatchback and SW are both class leading, emitting similar levels of CO2 to a Toyota Hybrid.
  • BlueHDi engines offer more torque making them better for towing

The evolution in diesel technology under Euro 6 has been profound and here at PEUGEOT we want potentially mis-guided consumers to better understand the benefits of BlueHDi and the savings these superb engines represent.

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